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  • PRISMA: Transparent Reporting of Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses
    PRISMA (Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses) is a set of items for reporting systematic reviews. It can be useful for authors who are reporting on a review or for peer-reviewers to use during critical appraisal.
  • The CHERRIES Checklist
    The Checklist for Reporting Results of Internet E-Surveys (CHERRIES) can be a useful tool for researchers who are reporting results of Web-based surveys.
  • CARE Guidelines
    Guidelines for authors that can be used to improve the quality of publishing case reports. The guidelines can be used to improve a case report’s accuracy, transparency, and usefulness.

AHTF Grant Awards


The American Hand Therapy Foundation announces the 2021 research and educational grants offered to advance the science of upper extremity and hand rehabilitation interventions and support clinicians striving to improve hand rehabilitation clinical or research skills or educators reaching out to under-served practice areas. Details are available at AHTF Grants.