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Public policy is the system of laws, regulations, action plans and funding priorities adopted by federal and local governing bodies. Advocacy is the process undertaken to provide education for policy makers with the goal of shaping policy for the common good. Consistent with APTA’s 2019-2021 Strategic Plan, the Hand Academy recognizes our professional responsibility to educate policy makers to ensure equal access to our services, fair reimbursement for those services and protect our profession.

Advocacy Opportunities

APTA Federal Advocacy

APTA provides a consistent lobbying presence with members of Congress, regulatory agencies, and commercial payers. Adding your voice strengthens our efforts. Learn about the advocacy issues that are affecting our profession and society, and then take action using one of the options below. Showing your support takes only minutes and can make a lasting impact. Click here for more information.

Join the APTA Advocacy Network

The APTA Advocacy Network (formerly PTeam) keeps APTA member advocates connected and engaged. Members participate for free and receive special legislative updates and action alerts when we need your voice.

Medicare Fee Schedule Payment Reductions Advocacy


Federal Legislation Updates

On 6/11/20, H.R. 7154: The Outpatient Therapy Modernization and Stabilization Act was introduced. This bill addresses the proposed Medicare fee schedule cuts, including the 8% cut for physical therapy services, provides for permanent provision of therapy telehealth services, reduces administrative burden by allowing either a referral or a certified plan of care for Medicare covered outpatient therapy services and provides a small increase to Medicare’s budget.

State Legislation Updates